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Jybrid is quite complex. To give you an introduction or to read about individual functions, I have sorted the examples according to complexity. If you are new to Jybrid and want to use Jybrid in your source code, the "schematic" examples are the easiest way to get started. In the Schematic examples I have only made the most necessary settings. All settings are the same except for the task to be performed

For old Xajax enthusiasts the schematic examples are certainly a good address to familiarize yourself with Jybrid. I think the changes to Xajax are immediately apparent that it is not difficult to switch to Jybrid.


  • ajax-minimal.html
  • ajax-minimal.php
  • example-hijax.php

Jybrid RequestName

Jybrid Demo-Page https://demo.jybrid.com with Ajax-Examples

Please checkout or download the jybrid-examples from jybrid examples

jybridRequestName as Parameter

Xajax TheWall Example updated to Jybrid