Ajax Response

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The above chapters were mainly about the creation of the Ajax request (buttons). If such a button or function is clicked, the request is sent via jybrid to the server. On the server jybrid acts discreetly and checks if the request is sent against jybrid (this will be the case).

This chapter deals with the possibilities of the mighty jybrid ajax response back to the client browser.

PHP Response

The response methods in this chapter are passed via PHP as an Ajax-response to the jybrid-javascript, which brings the returns into the browser.

Jybrid Response

Many of the jybrid javascript methods can also be used normally in javascript files. Except for special Ajax methods, jybrid works like a regular Javascript framework such as jQuery

Jybrid Response Formats


the regular response command stack format'd in json.

Clean Buffer

During development it is good to enable all error messages from php-server. Sometimes an forgotten "echo" is nerfy. Simple echos without header_send can be eaten by jybrid

Factory::getInstance()->getConfig()->setCleanBuffer(true) default is false

Demo Clean-Buffer

@see simple schematic schematic-ajax-attributes.php

Xajax Response

Many of the methods known in xajax are no longer used in jybrid. Instead, I will, as far as possible, refer to the new jybrid methods as a comparison. Non-Xajax experts are welcome to ignore this area.