modified: 2020-02-09T17:12:23+01:00

Attach your own coded Javascript-Files to jybrid.

Write your own Javascript file that does something useful for you.

Helpfully for development, check your script was load correctly

At the end of the file you insert a variable.

// first part is the script name. second part is an jybrid predefined part: var "myScriptName"IsLoad=true;
var myScriptNameIsLoad=true;

This will allow you to take advantage of the setting that triggers a warning message if this file is loaded incorrectly. To include a new Javascript file, please have a look here

Jybrid\Factory::getScripts()->addScript(new Jybrid\Scripts\Core(['scriptName' => 'myScriptName', 'fileName' => 'myGimmickLib_0.3.0.js', 'dir' => '/media/myCustomScripts/','useScriptLoadTimeout' => true]));