Version history from Xajax to Jybrid

During the change from xajax to xajax php 7 an xajax to jybrid there was a lot of significant changes. The characteristic of xajax was migrated to jybrid. The source-code from old xajax javascripts and old php was nearly completely changed and refactured. Thats the reason why jybrid was created as replacement for xajax.

@see also used scripts from other developers


more then one form unobtrusive form submission unobtrusive button hashing so in html tags only data-jybrid-btn="hashValue", the execution command will set into an "execution stack" adding an jybrid.Exe before and after handler, writing directly the task-message into the Jybrid.Exe command such as "Requesting new Username" with response [Successs,Failed,Error,Warning] ..whatever Node-Skeleton Templates with an response command that sends back an json object with "create nodes". alternative send back ajax-response command which is handling an complete node/html-tag generation on submit ajax command, get dynamically other form-field-values (or other attribute values) js setValue, getValue because input-fields can not handle setAttribute(ele,'value','myInputValue') after change the value while typing into the inputfield auto-get form-field values as parameter (perhaps you have build some tabs or accordions, the state should be automatic submittable ) released current-stable!

planned for jybrid 0.8.1

planned development 0.8 release

  • Configure\Scripts
    • deprecation isStatusMessages(),setStatusMessages() ..long time ago it was implemented in some browsers.
    • xajax debug-script was already removed in earlier versions of jybrid. Modern browsers contains good debugging windows for javascripts IDE's also
  • inserting an html-tag before an other insertBefore
  • More Response-Formats are possible. That allows better integration with other Js-Frameworks. response formats
    • regular asynchronous json and Text
  • uploads CSP and Javascript-File Caching (planned development)

Jybrid Inline-Skript beim Laden der Einstiegsseite können gecached werden und als externe Javascript-Datei automatisch in die Webseite eingebunden werden. Alternative kann dieses gecachte Initial-Script als Inline-Script eingebunden werden.

Jybrid inline scripts can be cached when loading the start page and automatically integrated into the website as an external javascript file. Alternatively, this cached initial script can be included as an inline script.

Jybrid Inline-Skript beim Laden der Einstiegsseite erhalten das "nonce" attribute. Jybrid inline script when loading the start page get the "nonce" attribute.

  • static nonce-value <script nonce="static-id"></script>
  • dynamic nonce-value <script nonce="dynamic-id"></script> ..later ;-) Javascript 'asynchronous' and 'POST' (under development)

..are already the default Javascript configuration options and no longer need to be set via Javascript init script. fixing scripting unobtrusive which is easier to handle

ide-stubs will be follow First Ajax Upload Workflow Testing

Jybrid needs an ajax-upload. But with the full functionality of the jybrid framework. Lets start now ;-)

Append js snippet onto renderOn @param null|string $onMethod default on null is "onclick" @param null|string $append optional append a string after the button expression public function renderOn(?string $onMethod = null, ?string $append = null): string additional unobtrusive/js-on"click" methods

Button-Scripts from can be configured with public function renderOn(?string $onMethod = null): string; if the $onMethod = null automatically jybrid uses the onclick=""

@deprecated addParameter @replaced with Add @deprecated addParameters @replaced with Adds @deprecated addParametersArray @replaced with Adds released (fixing)

The respective Jybrid unobtrusive tag can now be clicked with childtags, as they are often set for example with fontawesome. Up to 5 childNodes in the Jybrid unobtrusive tag are now possible. Der jeweilige Jybrid unobtrusive Tag kann nun mit Childtags, wie sie zum beispiel mit fontawesome gerne gesetzt werden, geklickt werden. Bis zu 5 Verschachtelungen im Jybrid unobtrusive tag sind nun möglich released (fixing) released (fixing)

unobtrusiveAdd was moved to class Unobtrusive. It is easier to handle.

From: Jybrid\Unobtrusive\Request::unobtrusiveAdd('.content');

To: Jybrid\Unobtrusive\Unobtrusive::unobtrusiveAdd('.content'); Unobtrusive Ajax (released)

  • automatic unobtrusive javascript for jybrid-request which works after several responses. It minimizes the onclick-attributes and gives the developer more "freedom"
  • The typical xajax used code-style "onclick="execute some xajax" was really nervy
  • Now jybrid has an alternative method to trigger click-events without event binding to element unobtrusive javascript/ajax
  • Remove all Elements from the same type implemented $objResponse->removeAll('querySelector') docu removeAll
  • Handling in ajax-responses target html elements without id="". So developers does not need set id's for target-elements ;-)
  • jybrid-support platform/ticketsystem was launched under (feel free to register or write a ticket) ECMAScript 5 (released) (released)

  • defer loading of jybrid javascript and automatic jybrid-init script "defer" loader

0.7.9 pre-Version of 0.8 released

  • harmonized php-scripts
  • licensing software-parts for release
  • extra library jybrid-windows tested but not shipped with the jybrid.core
  • joomla plugin to use jybrid in joomla(linker-plugin) (that really rocks)
  • clearing examples for stable release
  • Demos under
  • jybrid can be sent to agencies/developers/backend-developers on request. Please use the contact form.
  • official demo/examples under jybrid-examples github
  • ajax attributes manipulation with attribPrepend and attribClear ajax attribute prepend an clear

0.7.8 Ajax Response and Request HTTP-Headers

Zwecks der Vollständigkeit von jybrid wollte ich hier ein komplettes HTTP Header handling implementieren.

  • Ajax Request Header (configures ajax HTTP request headers in jybrid init-script which are sent to the server with an ajax request)
  • Ajax Response Header (During the ajax request against the server the HTTP header sends back to the browser via php)
  • Per Request-Configuration as an own object type @see ajax-request/php-ajax-request-configuration

0.7.7 Ajax HTTP-Authorization

This Version is stepped over because the xajax HTTP-Header handling was not enough.

0.7.6 Dom-Events

Seit der version 0.7.4 existieren die jybrid Emitters. Über das selbe javascript wurden nun auch die hmtl-dom events verfügbar gemacht. Diese dom-events erstetzen das alte xajax event handling mit eval-scripts. @see ajax-Dom-Events

0.7.5 Snippets

@see Jybrid-Javascript-Snippets

0.7.4 JS-Emitters

Einführung der Javascript-Emitter um die alten Xajax-Event-Snippets zu entfernen. Die Emitter wurden in dieser Version für das Eventhandling direkt in jybrid bereit gestellt. @see Jybrid-Emitters

0.7.3 Xajax moved to Jybrid

Anpassungen der Scripting-Engine

0.7.2 Integration of Snippets

Integration der über die Jahre gesammelte Code-Fragemente die ich in Verwendung mit Xajax und Joomla verwendet habe

0.7.1 Remove old Code from Xajax

Erstes Ausmisten des alten Xajax - Quellcodes

0.7.0 Xajax to Xajax Php 7

Umstellung von Xajax auf Php 7

0.6.0 alte/letzte Xajax Version

Letztes releases von Xajax

Joomla 1.5 implementation 28 Jan 2011,com_remository/Itemid,41/func,finishdown/id,6578.html