Version history from Xajax to Jybrid

During the change from xajax to xajax php 7 an xajax to jybrid there was a lot of significant changes. The characteristic of xajax was migrated to jybrid. The source-code from old xajax javascripts and old php was nearly completely changed and refactured. Thats the reason why jybrid was created as replacement for xajax.

@see also used scripts from other developers released current-stable!

  • Remove all Elements from the same type implemented $objResponse->removeAll('querySelector') docu removeAll

planned for jybrid 0.8.1

planned development 0.8 release

  • Configure\Scripts
    • deprecation isStatusMessages(),setStatusMessages() ..long time ago it was implemented in some browsers.
    • xajax debug-script was already removed in earlier versions of jybrid. Modern browsers contains good debugging windows for javascripts IDE's also
  • inserting an html-tag before an other insertBefore
  • More Response-Formats are possible. That allows better integration with other Js-Frameworks. response formats
    • regular asynchronous json and Text
  • uploads Unobtrusive Ajax

The typical xajax used code-style "onclick="execute some xajax" was really nervy Now jybrid has an alternative method to trigger click-events without event binding to element unobtrusive javascript/ajax ECMAScript 5 released released

  • defer loading of jybrid javascript and automatic jybrid-init script "defer" loader

0.7.9 pre-Version of 0.8 released

  • harmonized php-scripts
  • licensing software-parts for release
  • extra library jybrid-windows tested but not shipped with the jybrid.core
  • joomla plugin to use jybrid in joomla(linker-plugin) (that really rocks)
  • clearing examples for stable release
  • Demos under
  • jybrid can be sent to agencies/developers/backend-developers on request. Please use the contact form.
  • official demo/examples under jybrid-examples github
  • ajax attributes manipulation with attribPrepend and attribClear ajax attribute prepend an clear

0.7.8 Ajax Response and Request HTTP-Headers

Zwecks der Vollständigkeit von jybrid wollte ich hier ein komplettes HTTP Header handling implementieren.

  • Ajax Request Header (configures ajax HTTP request headers in jybrid init-script which are sent to the server with an ajax request)
  • Ajax Response Header (During the ajax request against the server the HTTP header sends back to the browser via php)
  • Per Request-Configuration as an own object type @see ajax-request/php-ajax-request-configuration

0.7.7 Ajax HTTP-Authorization

This Version is stepped over because the xajax HTTP-Header handling was not enough.

0.7.6 Dom-Events

Seit der version 0.7.4 existieren die jybrid Emitters. Über das selbe javascript wurden nun auch die hmtl-dom events verfügbar gemacht. Diese dom-events erstetzen das alte xajax event handling mit eval-scripts. @see ajax-Dom-Events

0.7.5 Snippets

@see Jybrid-Javascript-Snippets

0.7.4 JS-Emitters

Einführung der Javascript-Emitter um die alten Xajax-Event-Snippets zu entfernen. Die Emitter wurden in dieser Version für das Eventhandling direkt in jybrid bereit gestellt. @see Jybrid-Emitters

0.7.3 Xajax moved to Jybrid

Anpassungen der Scripting-Engine

0.7.2 Integration of Snippets

Integration der über die Jahre gesammelte Code-Fragemente die ich in Verwendung mit Xajax und Joomla verwendet habe

0.7.1 Remove old Code from Xajax

Erstes Ausmisten des alten Xajax - Quellcodes

0.7.0 Xajax to Xajax Php 7

Umstellung von Xajax auf Php 7

0.6.0 alte/letzte Xajax Version

Letztes releases von Xajax

Joomla 1.5 implementation 28 Jan 2011,com_remository/Itemid,41/func,finishdown/id,6578.html